Eyal Aloni

TLTboard Founder and Inventor

2007, the beginning of the personal electric vehicles, I felt the need for a small vehicle to carry in my car and use to go around campus. sport hobbies I had, snowboarding and windsurf became inaccessible.  into that space i took a 50cc scooter, cutted it in half and started welding. the result was very surprising to me.

it was stable, safe and fun. I could do it anywhere, anytime. I usually took it to the beach, had 5-10 rides along the shore at 40 kmph, random splashes of water covering me, and i was happy. 

but, I wanted more. I wanted the sand dunes. so i took a second scooter, with fatter tire, and made it slightly different in order to clear the front foot from any obsticals - so i could jump right off.  and it was a disaster. i could not get it to go. it was not usable. it took two weeks of wondering and comparisons to realize what was wrong: the toe angle (steering geometry) was negative. 

and it continued like that. it was going to the sand dunes, although only after rain, and I kept wanting more. 

I wanted people to join me. 

That took 100 more models of all sizes and all motors, to ride in city or off road, to commute travel or sport, until the ratio of fun to burden was maximized. 

and then commercializing it.  manufacture, sell. when I feel the riders happiness. its all worth it.