Eyal Aloni, Founder of TiLTboard

Inventor | Mechanical Engineer | Pilot


In 2008 a fateful scooter ride sent my life down a new path. After being hit by a car and left with severe injuries and debt, I began to imagine the ultimate transporation solution. It was also the year I graduated as an engineer, so time my free time was in short supply.


Between recovery and work, I was left with little time to do the adrenaline-pumping activities that I loved, like snowboarding and windsurfing. And so, my quest for an on-land, equally-exhilerating alternative began. I cut a dissatisfying scooter in half and invented something far superior: the first ever TiLTboard, the safe, stable, ultimate land surfer.


Now, TiLTboard has expanded to include the Cruiser electric model, the Grizzly gas-fueled model, and a dedicated base of board sport lovers who couldn’t live without their TiLTboards after their first sensational ride. TiLT provides you with the high-tech means of transpo, but the journey is all yours.