Eyal Aloni, Founder of TiLTboard

Inventor | Mechanical Engineer | Pilot

 First i had a BMX. and LEGO. and we lived by the libarary. my first vehicle was a Suzuki GN250. at some point i cutted it in half and alongated it by 13cm. Later i had a VW Beetle buggy and the best playground in the world: Jazreel vally. 

And so, I have been hooked on the strongest drug of all: Freedom.

But It has been a decline since. 

and its not like i didnt try harder stuff: i had time on Humvees, the military stuff, not even mine to worry about. then airplanes: Fouga magister (slick!), A-4 skyhawk (manly.) and F16(I couldnt believe it my self) but i relized the bigger the machine - the smaller is the land. and Freedom. and Fun. 

Wind surfing and Snowboarding were good. but limited to specific times. it bacame harder and harder to fit in my schedull. not to mention to do with a friend. i was OUT of my element.   

In 2008 I began to imagin the solution: small, fits in the trunk, self propelled. it was like motorized skateboard, but not it exactly. afterall, speedwobble was how i first broke a bone.

I gazed on motorcycles doing wheelies, something i never learnt. they have magic. engineering analisis showed me the way there: adding a "side wheels and skids" system to help me get to speed and bring me back to balance- when situation is impaired.

I built if from a 50cc scooter: Yamaha Jog. and it exceeded my expectations by so much, i was blown. 

It was fun going with it on the seashore on summer weekends, it was fun building the 2nd one for wet sand dunes of winter, and lots of hard work building it another 100 times to bring it to you. 

today, i am exactly where i wanted to be on this situation: sport, transportation, freedom all at hand. easy.