TLT Gorilla
TLT Gorilla
TLT Gorilla

TLT Gorilla

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TLT Board Gorilla

This model Is Maximum Performance And Max size. 

E-Ride All-terrain same as 4x4 vehicle 

Speed:  45Km/hr (user modifiable) 

Dimensions107 X 65 X 50cm (folded handle)

Net Weight: 28 kg /62 lbs (without battery/s 4-8 Kg)

Max rider weight : 140Kg

Replacable Battery : 48V-15Ahr (20Km per Charge On Average case)

Maximum 2 Batteries on Board (40Km in total) 


TLT board will serve for many years with DIY maintanace.  

 Dust proof, water proof.